Thank you for supporting the continued growth of our shul! All donations are welcome and tax-deductible.

Please contact our office for questions regarding sponsorship or donations. [email protected]

Sponsorship Pricing

  • Deluxe $250: Basic + Dessert + lox & cheese
  • Dessert $200: Basic + either cake or ice cream
  • Basic $175: Includes grape juice Kiddush, mizonot crackers/cookies, fresh fruits & veggies, hummos, chips, drinks, cholents
  • $36 Treat Kids’ Groups to a special snack to celebrate an occasion.
  • $…? Special Holiday programming (ex. Guys Night Out, Selichot Under the Stars, Aura Chadasha, Tu Beshvat)
  • $100 Shavuot flowers
  • $175 Youth Program Staff Appreciation
  • $200 Yom Kippur Break-fast refreshments
  • $300 High Holiday or Pre-Pesach Babysitting Service
  • $360 Orthodox Union dues
  • $400 Sukkot Cork n’ Canvas Artist Supplies sponsorship
  • $500 Pesach Seder
  • $850 Scholar in Residence Shabbat
  • $2500 Shul Luncheon/Dinner
  • $54 Chumash (In memory of, in honor of, in celebration of . . .)
  • $36 Machzor (In memory of, in honor of, in celebration of . . .)
  • $25 Youth Library book purchases

$?? Gift to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

There are multiple ways to give:

Electronic Transfer

Send to [email protected] through your bank, Zelle, or otherwise.

Write a Check

Checks should be made out to: Kehilat Pardes – The Rock Creek Synagogue.

Our mailing address is: 13300 Arctic Ave Rockville, MD 20853

Donate an Israel Bond

Contact [email protected] for information.