Kehilat Pardes maintains an Eruv around the community with the help of volunteers from the membership, under the supervision of Rabbi Uri Topolosky, following the halakhic guidance of Rabbi Yaakov Love. The Eruv is also the product of a proud partnership between Kehilat Pardes and Tikvat Israel, as it incorporates both communities. The eruv is checked every week.

Eruv Status: You can assume the Eruv is up.

In the event that the Eruv goes down, we will communicate on social media, and endeavor to change this page with an alert. In addition, there is an Eruv status light located at the shul in the front of the Sylvia Ely Auditorium. This light is turned on just before Shabbat each week.

Light ON = OK*

Light OFF = NO ERUV*

*unless otherwise announced in shul.